Making a HUD a Home

The story of what happens when a girl with zero renovation experience buys a house with zero cabinets.

About to get cranky

There are a few things that need to happen this weekend or I will be super duper irritated.

  • Last two tiny pieces of trim to finish backsplash (you can’t even see they are missing but it’s a 2 minute job)
  • Caulking same backsplash
  • Finishing dumb dishwasher drain move required by inspectors
  • Making new house number sign
  • Staining mantel (or at least playing with stain to decide color)
  • Same for pantry door
  • Install drain pull on master sink
  • Hang robe hook in bathroom

All of these are easy enough. I am the sign/stain/hook person. All need doing before I lose my gourd that we haven’t done them. I did my touch up painting this week already, time for little finishing things to get finished.

I haven’t updated in a while.

New porch and walkway, new porch light, new storm door, as of today, new fence!

Have wood and numbers for a new house number sign but have lazied too many days to have that done, too.


When you can’t/don’t want to spend money on built ins, bookcases work nicely.

A week in review

There were no fights, a few short tempers and some solutions underway.

  • The fence and landscaping guys were both out Friday. Revised quote from one, keeping last spring’s quote from the other
  • After $$ juggling and some WTFing, we will be proceeding with both the full phase 2 of the landscaping (leveling back yard to current trench/ditch, weed removal and sod prep, rock pathway from driveway/side of house to backyard, raised cement patio, edging to prep for planting) and a full privacy fence
  • The fence caused most of the tempers. A sort of planned but unexpected check from some loan or something of Dude’s made me not have to armwrestle on this one
  • Fence guy coming in a couple of weeks, landscaping guy not until May. Ugh
  • Bought straw to put in the backyard to curb mud yard. Alas, now we track in straw vs mud. Win some lose some
  • Got bookcases for the family room and dug out some photos and candles to put on them
  • Got and installed the roman shade in the kitchen, which looks good!

Rug Life

I am a big fan of the sale sites (RueLaLa, Ideeli) and also of places like Overstock.

My bedroom rug is so thick and cushy and it was less than $250 on Overstock. The brand is Safavieh and they have a large site-within-a-site on Overstock and I think on Wayfair, too.

I found the houndstooth rug by GIS’ing that term. I thought I wanted black and white until I saw the grey. (Oddly enough on a site for children’s decor!) It’s also pretty plush but that one was over $500. 8’ x 10’ so not crazy but a little spendy. :)

I’m also willing to keep a junk email account open to subscribe to everything until some store sends something I might want!

We didn’t do much in here but hang closet doors, put in some blinds, refinish the floors, paint and add windowsills.

Did I tell you about how I lost my bed skirt in the move and my stubborn ass hasn’t bought a new one yet?

Window treatments

I have a big ol’ window, pretty much as picture window, in my dining area. There is not a lot (read: any) room for a curtain rod between the cabinets and window - maaaaaybe a flat ended rod, no finial or decor at all.

I thought the best solution would be a nice roman shade, something a little soft since the kitchen has a lot of harder lines.

HOLY CRAPBALLS. There’s no standard shades in my big size and custom shades are RIDICULOUS. I priced a Level 1 (lowest of 4, I wasn’t getting crazy on fabric) for it with a banded edge and loop vs string lift.

EIGHT HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE DOLLARS. What? I mean… WHAT?! Ugh. Guess that minimalist rod is gonna have to do for now. Hey Zeus.


Electrical ALSO requires a reinspection. Nothing crazy, but maybe something annoying.

Change outlet in island to a GFCI, easy enough.

Substitute inspector nervous about the new electrical box - though the normal inspector has already seen it. Need to get Xcel to come put a tag on it - easy enough - but MAYBE wants us to get a permit for all the work/box/etc already done. It is dumb, and basically a money grab if they make us do it. Whole house electrical was on the permit, why would they need another one? Blerg.


Final plumbing inspection failed. Well, minimal fail - have to raise the drainage for the dishwasher and install some sort of hammer on the dishwasher supply. The hammer thing is minimal, the drainage, not sure how we’ll manage that exactly as we have a deep bowl sink…

Can you guess which thing we self installed vs having a plumber do? heh

Electrical still to come. Wheeee.

Progress of not much

Between cold/snow and busy work life and whatever other excuses I can find, the house progress has slowed to not just a crawl, but more a snail on quaaludes pace.

We bought a bed and mattress set this week, which is helpful with my parents visiting next week. Nothing too fancy, just an Ikea frame, but it’s the right size/color for the room. Got a nice mattress set to balance cheap frame. :)

Then we ordered a family room couch. We couldn’t find stock stuff anywhere that was the right color/set up, so last night we ordered one. It’s a 2-pc sectional, love seat and chaise. The general style (though not the right fabric or configuration):

Make the section to the left a chaise, and that’s the setup. The fabric is gray, but not velvet. Dude took swatch photos, so don’t blame me for the photo skills.

Body fabric:

And pillows:

Woooo now just have to wait up to 10 weeks (although heavily reminded it’s likely to be sooner) to get it.